Guide to Yahoo Domain Registration

A domain name is the first impression a person gets of your website. It should describe your business for consumers, build your online presence, improve marketing and protect your brand. The Yahoo domain name is Yahoo domain registration lets you search current domain names in the Yahoo domain register, sign up for Yahoo domain names and shows the benefits of using Yahoo for your online small business needs.

While there are several companies that offer domain registration, not all companies provide the same benefits. Some companies require you to use their website hosting or download third party software to use their system. Other companies allow you to register a domain name, but don’t automatically renew the name, which opens the name up for anyone to buy. When it comes to domain registration, Yahoo offers its clients a wide variety of services to help protect both the domain and the owner. These services include:

1. 24-hour toll free support
2. A starter webpage for your Yahoo domain
3. Domain locking and forwarding
4. DNS control

Action Steps
The best contacts and resources to help you get it done

Search the Yahoo Domain Register for available domain names
Once someone pays to register a domain name, they gain exclusive use of the name. Variations like adding (dot)org, (dot)edu, or (dot)corp may be available, but could lead to conflict down the road. Search the registry and view alternative name options to help you brainstorm a different domain name.

I recommend: Use the Yahoo Domain Register or to seek out available domain names and alternatives.

Sign up for a private domain registration with Yahoo
Each new domain name and the owner's contact information in the Yahoo domain registry and other registries become public information in the WHOIS list as required by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Spammers and telemarketers use your contact information from the WHOIS list to contact you for unauthorized communications. Using private domain registration, Yahoo blocks your private information with contact information for a Yahoo representative.

I recommend: Compare how your contact information looks with private registration versus without at Yahoo's Contact Information page. When you're ready, sign up for Yahoo's private domain registration.

Use Yahoo Domain Hosting for your domain name
Yahoo includes a free domain name, unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer and unlimited email storage. You also get web page design tools and templates. These tools help you get your business website up and running quickly.

I recommend: Signing up with Yahoo hosting. If you plan to use an e-commerce website, upgrade to Yahoo Merchant Solutions for additional security features.

Tips & Tactics
Helpful advice for making the most of this Guide

* Use a concise domain that is easy to say, spell and remember.
* Don't use spaces or symbols in your Yahoo domain name.
* Remember that you have the right to sell any domain names you own.
Adapted from: - By Tara McClendon, Freelance Writer/Editor, Tara McClendon


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