Tips to quickly have a child

Life is a choice. majority of all of us would want children, and of course some are not (it is an exception). Let's live healthy!. For those of you who are married and want to quickly get the child from the womb itself, here are some tips for your business can be achieved, we shall endeavor but God remains decisive:
l. Plan a time related
To increase the chance of pregnancy, (if you can do it as often as you can several times a day, delicious is not it?) Do the links 2 days before ovulation / release of the egg. To find out when ovulation there are some that can be used,
- Calendar system
- Basal body temperature / Basal Body Temperature
- Elasticity of cervical mucus, and most recently, the fertile strip tester (can be purchased at the pharmacy closest to the name of fertility)

2. Stop smoking and drinking beverages that contain alcohol

3. Vitamin Consumption
Vitamin C may improve sperm quality for husbands, while vitamin E can increase the fertility of men and women. Women who consume folic acid pregnant have a better chance than those who do not eat them.

4. Related positions.
Related positions are recommended for couples who wish to become pregnant is missionary, where he is above the woman's body. For that, the woman on top sex position (WOT) should be avoided. Because the position WOT minimize the chances of sperm survive in the vagina, thereby inhibiting fertilization of an egg cell.
"Missionary sexual positions to help women get pregnant quickly. It's just pasangansuami wife need to implement the strategy, namely after ejaculation men, women should lift the pelvis and do not directly stand for sperm entry into the vagina, "

5. Control body weight
Women who are healthy or ideal body weight will be easier to get pregnant than too fat or too thin.

6. Enjoy the process of sexual intercourse
If a woman has an orgasm it will establish the preferred alkaline sperm than the normal atmosphere of the vagina (acid). Try to orgasm at the same time or if not pause a few moments for the chance of sperm to survive until the cervix is ​​increased.

7. Do not move much after intercourse your body lay for a while.
There are some experts who advocate for a moment to give the sperm swim into the cervix and whippy hips with a pillow during sex. The most important thing is when you clean up, avoid using cleaning fluid shortly after vaginal intercourse, due to vaginal cleaning fluid can be toxic to sperm.

8. Keep your health
Maintaining the health of our bodies with this sport is a significant factor. One of them by keeping your diet and eat nutritious foods, like vegetables, milk, fruit. To try a fruit without preservatives. Washington apples sold in supermarkets usually include fruits that contain artificial preservatives that should not be consumed if you want or are pregnant.

Those are some quick tips to get pregnant. If after applying these tips but still not pregnant you should immediately consult a doctor to find the best solution for you both.
And do not forget your Prayer is very helpful for quickly pregnant. as good as any man but if God is not willing, it will be futile efforts.
good luck, enjoy your life!


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