Tips to overcome dry skin

Dry skin can be a problem for you, this can make you less confident. skin health is very important. For those of you who have dry skin that is sure to be sensitive or sensitive. But you do not need to worry because this dry skin type requires only a careful and precise handling. It's good you see some steps to clean dry skin properly.First wash with a gentle cleanser, before you sleep at night. In the morning you just simply wash your face with warm water then apply moisturizer. Dry skin does look dull, so you have to do the process of peeling or sloughing of dead skin cells once a week. To perform this process, you can choose a granular scrub small-grain, smooth and soft.

You should avoid wearing scrubs consisting of particles of salt and beans because they tend to rough surface so it can rip your skin. This causes sores on the skin tears can also cause loss of moisture in the skin.

Avoid washing the skin with hot water, and too often steaming the face because it can cause the facial skin becomes increasingly dry. You should wash your face with cleansing milk and do not use toners containing alkohol.Jika you use water to clean your face dry with a towel so as not to be dried completely until the skin is still damp. One more thing, you should be diligent in taking vitamin E and a supplement containing fatty acids such as cod liver extract and avocado. Avocado is great for skin and beginning today, try to consume avocado

Overcoming dull skin

Try potato to overcome your dull skin. The trick is first washed and then peeled and grated potato. Then wear a face mask for approximately 5-10 minutes, rub it slowly. Then rinse with water and wash your face with facial foam that you usually use.


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