Would You Travel? Go to Pattaya, The City of Party

Pattaya is a city in Thailand, located in
Gulf coast of Thailand, southeast of Bangkok in the province of
Chonburi. It is the biggest tourism center
Thailand. The city fell to wallow
crisis, but with the rise of mass tourism
especially from the European tourism business this town again
developed. In 2001 more than 24,000 hotel rooms
available in Pattaya. Although sex tourism is still quite
striking in Pattaya, all inclusive tourism now
arrange the bulk of tourism.

Pattaya Beach, located 147 km from Bangkok. Beaches
overlooking the bay area and the shoreline
length provides a variety of entertainment, water sports and
relax. Very similar to Indonesia, they also
have a lot of traction in the field of tourism.

Pattaya Beach turned out to ordinary, roughly the same
with a beach in Bali (I think). This beach is obout 10 meters from the highway. Along the way many
hotels and places clubbing. The hotels there
very diverse, from five-star hotel until
the price is cheap. For shopping is also not expensive, is still

Various attractions typical of Thailand also presented here. From
elephant attraction, until the attraction is in the clubs
entertainment, bars, discos to cabaret typical of Thailand.

Seru deh really in Pattaya. Well if you want to play place
a deserted beach, just try it to the northern coast,
there can enjoy the charm of its coast. If the beach
the southern part, known as area nightlife.

In the area surrounding pattaya and actually banyal place
tourism, among others, sriracha Tiger Zoo, Elephant Village,
Rose Garden, Garden fruit Supatra Land, etc.. If you
Sriracha Tiger Zoo would like to visit. At 7.30 with
using two shuttle van toyota hiace we
left, about two hours away, arrived at
Sriracha Tiger Zoo. Completion of the Tiger Zoo.

To ride jetski, the tariff is 800 baht per 30 minutes, enter
beaches still free, but if you want to sit in a chair
beaches, subject to charge 30 baht per seat for the time not


Exotic Placed in the Vietname (Chapter 2)

Ho Chi Minh Moseleum

The most interesting after Ha Long Bay is Moseleum (Lang Chu Tich) Ho Chi Minh City. In this moseleum corpse lay Ho Chi Minh City that has been embalmed and is guarded by a squad of fully armed soldiers. To be able to view the body of Mr Vietnam, we have to go through a ritual which is quite tiring. It takes three times checking to make sure we do not bring food, drinks, cameras, bags, etc. (except wallets). Still had to walk marching one by one as far as 150 m Long queues is quite tiring. But the "sacrifice" we paid commensurate with what we earn. It is amazing to see Uncle Ho's body that looked like a bed, with a smile on his face.

Good body condition, but Uncle Ho died in 1969. According to officials at the mausoleum, the body of Uncle Ho was taken to Russia once a year for treatment. Unfortunately we were only given a chance for 2 minutes to see the direct and forbidden to take pictures.
Water Puppet
The night before the last day, we witnessed the Water Puppet show, a sort of puppet show which played in the water timber. So people who move the puppets are soaking in water. Me and my friends wondering, what did not catch a cold soak in water at night. Very unique and probably the only one in the world. Water puppet show has been staged in many countries around the world.

Actually there are many attractions to visit in Hanoi, like Capha, Perfume pagoda, etc.. Visits during the four days are found to be sufficient. For those readers who are interested in vacationing to Hanoi, to obtain information on the Vietnamese Embassy in Jakarta or travel agency in Vietnam that can be searched on the internet. Definitely will not regret visiting this capital of Vietnam.
Standard Transportation No.
As the national capital, Hanoi could be said to be less modern, because of the lack of public facilities. There was hardly any trash on the street so that everywhere we had pocketed the trash. Residents tend to be friendly and "avoid" strangers. Modernization is slow.

Protruding from Hanoi is, the number of motorcycles and bicycles in every corner of the city. It is said that numbers 1.5 million motorcycles. Compare with a population of 3.5 million.

We briefly rose ojeg. Wow, really make the heart of sport. My friend did not dare to open my eyes. Public transport is vital in Hanoi is ojeg and taxis. For foreign tourists, the choice would not want a taxi. Taxis in Hanoi are rarely honest, except for those ordered from the hotel. No pricing is standard fare. During the seven times we took a taxi which nyetop on the road, six times argonya different.
Language is also one of the common obstacles encountered by tourists in Hanoi. Hanoi residents who rarely speak English. We were forced to use the language of "Tarzan" and carry a calculator everywhere to transact.

There was one funny incident. If traveling by taxi, we usually show a map where the location of our hotel. However, once the tempo with pedenya we just mention the name of the hotel and the course. It seems that taxi drivers understand. Apparently we stray. Investigate a calibaration, we misspelled the course. As a result the driver pack grumble-grumble. Fortunately we do not know what he's complaining.

Vietnamese cuisine

It feels less afdol when visiting a country without its distinctive taste. In Hanoi, there is rarely a fancy restaurant. Cafe is considered a luxury although judging by his place is not impressive luxury. It's also mostly foreign tourists who visit it. Funnily enough a lot of simple food stalls (like warteg here) that is named Cafe.

As in Indonesia, a lot of foods that are sold on the roadside. Neither seller nor hung around providing small plastic chairs for shoppers who want to enjoy the food.

The food we had tasted was Nom, bogor but added a kind of pickled beef is cut into pieces (in Vietnamese men cut with scissors, not with a knife). Then there's the Bun Dau Phu, which is know that fried and eaten with rice noodles and shrimp paste sauce. There is also Xoi Trung form of sticky rice that is eaten with stew egg. And one that perhaps our tongue is less suitable Cot Ba Che, a kind of rice porridge mixed with grated ginger but that tastes sweet, and served hot. Weird hell but fun!


Traveling to the one of Indochina Country, Vietnam (Chapter 1)

Try visiting one of Indochina State of Vietnam. Arriving landed at Noi Bai international airport should not be imagined as an international airport in another country, even if their area is wide enough but there are only a few deserted airport aircraft parking. The distance between the airport to downtown (the location of the hotel) about 35 km. start our first tour to Ha Long Bay. We take the package one day to Ha Long for USD 2n/orang. The price includes round-trip air-conditioning bus, lunch, entrance fee to 1okation tours, tickets for a boat ride on the lagoon and the English-speaking guide. Travel to Ha Long Bay takes 3.5 hours.

Visiting Ha Long Bay is what makes us feel lucky to have visited Hanoi. Ha Long Bay is a resort that must be visited. All hotels and travel agencies in Hanoi must have put a tour to Ha Long Bay as a first choice.

Ha Long bay was the site of the natural wonders of the lagoon (lake) surrounded by approximately 1900 large and small islands in the Tonkin Gulf region (140 km north of Hanoi). In the area scattered many rocks of various sizes that make it unique and very beautiful. Ha Long Bay is one of the wonders of the world are preserved by UNESCO.

There are Dao Go cave. To enter the cave, could climb the trail as far as about 300 meters. Inside the cave there are a lot of stalactite and stalagmites are already hundreds of years old.

Very cheap original Pearl

Even more interesting, especially for female tourists, at the entrance of the cave, many people sell genuine pearls are very cheap. Imagine a set of necklace and earrings worth 120,000 Vietnamese Dong, or about Rp. 72,000 only.

We also shopped d fruits floating markets around the lagoon. In the middle of the lagoon, the boat stopped to allow travelers to enjoy the scenery shop at floating markets or small boat ride into the tunnel, surrounded by high rock really exotic!
Enjoying Hanoi
The next day we did not lag use travel agents because they want to enjoy the city of Hanoi with ease We visited the buildings of the French colonial relic that is still intact and is left untouched, especially in the districts of Ba Dinh. Location is the famous French Quarter where many small streets with typical French quarter-quarter and surrounded by old buildings.

We also visited Van Mieu (the first and oldest university in Vietnam which was built in 1010), Dong Xuan Market, Van Phuc, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Palace and the Museum of Ho Chi Minh, Quan Pagoda Troc (one pillar pagoda), the theater and water puppet show.

Hoan Kiem Lake is a lake in the middle of the city is quite green and cold in the middle there is a pagoda (pagoda turtle). Around the lake are many seats that used by teenagers to mingle, old people who just sit around looking for fresh air, street vendors and tourists who were berjogging.

Around Hoan Kiem is a complex of shops that sell souvenirs such as handicrafts, hats and needs of tourists. Vietnamese people mostly use a hat when going out either in the form caping or wide hat. No wonder everywhere found a hat store. Souvenir shopping around Hoan Kiem quite expensive, so we were shopping at Dong Xuan market. Here, many Vietnamese souvenirs are sold very cheaply


Chile: 3 Must See Cities

Chile is a long, narrow country with lots of coast, mountains, and cold Patagonia plains. The natural beauty of the country is breathtaking, and is a main attraction for numerous foreign visitors. However, the city life in Chile can be strikingly vibrant as well. Due to the country's diverse regions, the vibe of each Chilean city is distinct. Therefore, visitors who wish to fully grasp Chilean diversity should make it a point to explore several cities, each full of interesting sites and culture. There are many fabulous cities in Chile that are worth a visit, but here we have narrowed the list down two three towns you absolutely cannot miss during a Chile vacation. 1. Santiago. Santiago is the capital of Chile and is the country's largest city. It is also the entry point for most foreign visitors. It is true the city can be crowded and overwhelming, but it is worth spending a few days of exploration here as well. Santiago has grown in international appeal in the past few years, its popularity assisted by a new modern and extensive public transportation and numerous high-end restaurants. A lively nightlight and a close proximity to weekend get-a-ways, including the coast, provide numerous weekend options.

2. Puerto Varas. Puerto Varas is a small, charming town in Chile's Lake District. The town is a haven for lovers of the outdoors because it is surrounded by stunning lakes, mountains, and forests. It has cool weather year round, with temperatures ranging between 40 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Settled by Germans in the mid-1880s, there is strong German influence here, both in food and architecture. A leisurely walking tour of the town's colonial homes from the early 1900s is a highlight of many visitors' trips.

3. Valparaíso. Valparaíso is a funky, colorful seaside down that clings to cliffs and mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The down is only 70 miles from Santiago, and 5 miles from the famous South America beach resort Viña del Mar. One of the main attractions of this town are its famous ascensores -- cable car type contraptions that were build in the late 1800s, and that connect the haphazard hilltop neighborhoods with the flat city center below. Views from the top of the hills are spectacular. Valparaíso is a haven for artists and poets, and it is hard to find a better collection of character-filled bars anywhere else in Chile.


Kissimmee, exotic tropical hotels

For some people, going on vacation means having nice and relaxing accommodations. Still, some may choose to find a place that does not cost as much as a high-end luxury hotel. Whatever the reason, Kissimmee hotels are always available to accommodate your family. Here are a few popular options for your next vacation.Orange Lake Resort
This hotel provides four-star accommodations which is somewhat similar to Disney World hotels. It may not be within the theme park itself, but it is conveniently located near it. The rooms range from standard fully-equipped ones to villas with up to three bedrooms and clubhouse suites.
You will never run out of things to do here, either. With ten swimming pools and a large lazy river with water slides, you will be able to satisfy all your poolside cravings. Nine restaurants are available to fill hungry people with virtually any type of food they want.

Gaylord Palms
If you are looking for a bit of nostalgia, then this is the hotel for you. The architecture is a tribute to old Florida mansions at the turn of the century. Certain art deco elements can be seen here, which art enthusiasts will definitely love. Although an old design, the hotel boasts of modern amenities you will surely enjoy.
Perhaps the centerpiece of the Gaylord Palms is its glass atrium which houses three signature Florida environments, which is a nice break from Disney World hotels. There is the vibrant atmosphere of the Key West, and the misty Everglades complete with live alligators and old-world charm of the historical St. Augustine district.

Polynesian Isles Resort
Disney World hotels take advantage of the lush climate of the Sunshine State and this hotel is no exception. This hotel puts guests right in the heart of a tropical environment complete with a working waterfall and vegetation. The accommodations itself are luxurious condominiums perfect for your summer getaway.
Of course, no tropical experience is complete without swimming pools for some fun in the water. Other recreational facilities include courts for basketball and tennis, game rooms, fitness centers, barbecue grills and playgrounds, among others.

Beachtree Villas
For larger groups of people, this hotel provides spacious villas for up to eight people. There is definitely enough room for everyone and it comes fully furnished to make your stay more pleasurable. Even with these amenities, this is definitely one of the more affordable Kissimmee hotels.
This can be best described as your home away from home. The location lets you enjoy your vacation with all the comforts you are used to back at home. This means you can fully relax and take in the gentle summer breeze and all the sights that the Sunshine State has to offer.

Tropical Palms Resort
Unlike most Kissimmee hotels, the Tropical Palms offers a bit more privacy for its guests with its two-bedroom and studio cottages. This makes it a great place for a romantic getaway for couples. You are well taken care of by the courteous staff and the amenities you are used to at home.


Fragrance India

Kolkata offers array of biking caricature for its altered affectionate of day-tripper such as: architectural lover, history lover, art connoisseurs and additionally for the religious tourists. Post addition and a absolutely altered culture, which attracts tourists worldwide. The adventure of Kolkata started from the accession of the British East India Company in 1690 by Job Charnock tospread his business in Bengal to authorize the city. In 1702 British complete Fort William to base its troops and declared as a admiral city. In 1972 Kolkata was declared as basic burghal of British India and was additionally accepted as the Burghal of Palaces.The Kolkata is additionally accepted as the burghal of joy because anybody can get pleasure actuality according to their preferences. In winters the burghal has its altered nice altitude and additionally day-tripper get pleasure this altitude as best of their appointment to Kolkata is in the ages of winters only. This abode is additionally actual acclaimed for Amusement destination as assorted places offers altered accessories for amusement couples and aloof because of this abundant amusement couples adulation to appointment this place.Apart from amusement destination Kolkata is additionally acclaimed for acropolis stations. Darjeeling is one of the acclaimed day-tripper destinations because of Kanchenjunga with its admirable breathtaking mural and day-tripper loves to do biking here.

There are some iconic places after visiting them your bout will be incomplete. Tourists additionally appointment this abode to feel the aroma of old India. Biking Kolkata is a admirable experience. Some places are Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial, National Library, and additionally there are abundant religious places such as: Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Belur Math and abounding more.

Howrah Arch was congenital in 1874 over the Hoogli River additionally accepted as Rabindra Setu. It got its name Howrah adage that it connects Howrah to Kolkata. It is additionally accepted as the busiest arch in the world. It is axle bandage arch continuing over two 270 anxiety aerial pillars after application nut and bolts. This arch additionally acts as an important figure or attribute for Kolkata.

Victoria Memorial is a aces building in Kolkata accustomed in the year 1921. It was advised by the admiral of the British Institute of Architects Sir William Emerson. All credits goes to him for designing such a admirable museum.It is a 184 anxiety alpine building that was complete on 64 acreage of land. The building houses a accumulation of alarming abstracts aloft the arctic balustrade that abridge prudence, acquirements and motherhood. This abode makes your Kolkata bout unforgettable.

There are abounding added such types of places, which you can appointment and accomplish your cruise memorable and additionally you can apprentice a lot about the culture, adoration and additionally about the old India during your adventure to Kolkata.


Backpacking: Lets go to Vietnam

Backpacking has become a popular way of traveling around the world especially for youngsters. In fact backpacking is the most economical way of exploring any country in the world. Vietnam is one of such places which welcomes backpackers with open arms and provides them with accommodations suiting their budget and travel style. There are various hostels in Vietnam where a backpacker can stay. Besides hostels and low budget hotels, there are various family-run small guesthouses where backpackers can stay. The rent of these places is pretty low and you have to compromise a bit on the cleanliness. You can always change your room if you are not satisfied with the one allotted to you.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the best backpacker accommodations are available in the Pham Ngu Lao district. Here you will find many inexpensive hotels especially on the Pham Ngu Lao street. The rent starts from as low as $ 5. The Bui Vien Street also features a number of budget hotels which though have seven floors but have no elevator facility. There is also a Mini Hotel Alley which has 30 hotels equipped with just the basic facilities. The Pham Ngu Lao district is best suited for those who are on a shoestring budget in Vietnam. Another reason why tourists choose this place is because it is in the heart of the city and many city attractions are in close proximity to the area. There are also several restaurants and bars where one can go for eating.

In the capital city of Hanoi, accommodations of various budget ranges are available. From posh hotels to humble hostels, every kind of accommodation is available here. The best low budget accommodations are found in the Hoan Kiem District. Hoan Kiem district is close to many major city attractions. The hostels provide accommodations to couples as well as ladies only groups. Some hostels also have kitchenettes where you can prepare your own meals. The hostels are generally clean. For those who can spare some dollars, the Old Quarter District offers midrange hotels which are equipped with internet facility.

Hue is another interesting town of Vietnam popular among tourists. There are many low priced hostels here which provide comfortable and secure accommodations to tourists. Hue itself is a lovely place to visit as is Hoi An. This historic town is a must visit place and has plenty of cheap accommodations. The Tran Phu Street has many low budget accommodations as well as three star hotels


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