Exotic Placed in the Vietname (Chapter 2)

Ho Chi Minh Moseleum

The most interesting after Ha Long Bay is Moseleum (Lang Chu Tich) Ho Chi Minh City. In this moseleum corpse lay Ho Chi Minh City that has been embalmed and is guarded by a squad of fully armed soldiers. To be able to view the body of Mr Vietnam, we have to go through a ritual which is quite tiring. It takes three times checking to make sure we do not bring food, drinks, cameras, bags, etc. (except wallets). Still had to walk marching one by one as far as 150 m Long queues is quite tiring. But the "sacrifice" we paid commensurate with what we earn. It is amazing to see Uncle Ho's body that looked like a bed, with a smile on his face.

Good body condition, but Uncle Ho died in 1969. According to officials at the mausoleum, the body of Uncle Ho was taken to Russia once a year for treatment. Unfortunately we were only given a chance for 2 minutes to see the direct and forbidden to take pictures.
Water Puppet
The night before the last day, we witnessed the Water Puppet show, a sort of puppet show which played in the water timber. So people who move the puppets are soaking in water. Me and my friends wondering, what did not catch a cold soak in water at night. Very unique and probably the only one in the world. Water puppet show has been staged in many countries around the world.

Actually there are many attractions to visit in Hanoi, like Capha, Perfume pagoda, etc.. Visits during the four days are found to be sufficient. For those readers who are interested in vacationing to Hanoi, to obtain information on the Vietnamese Embassy in Jakarta or travel agency in Vietnam that can be searched on the internet. Definitely will not regret visiting this capital of Vietnam.
Standard Transportation No.
As the national capital, Hanoi could be said to be less modern, because of the lack of public facilities. There was hardly any trash on the street so that everywhere we had pocketed the trash. Residents tend to be friendly and "avoid" strangers. Modernization is slow.

Protruding from Hanoi is, the number of motorcycles and bicycles in every corner of the city. It is said that numbers 1.5 million motorcycles. Compare with a population of 3.5 million.

We briefly rose ojeg. Wow, really make the heart of sport. My friend did not dare to open my eyes. Public transport is vital in Hanoi is ojeg and taxis. For foreign tourists, the choice would not want a taxi. Taxis in Hanoi are rarely honest, except for those ordered from the hotel. No pricing is standard fare. During the seven times we took a taxi which nyetop on the road, six times argonya different.
Language is also one of the common obstacles encountered by tourists in Hanoi. Hanoi residents who rarely speak English. We were forced to use the language of "Tarzan" and carry a calculator everywhere to transact.

There was one funny incident. If traveling by taxi, we usually show a map where the location of our hotel. However, once the tempo with pedenya we just mention the name of the hotel and the course. It seems that taxi drivers understand. Apparently we stray. Investigate a calibaration, we misspelled the course. As a result the driver pack grumble-grumble. Fortunately we do not know what he's complaining.

Vietnamese cuisine

It feels less afdol when visiting a country without its distinctive taste. In Hanoi, there is rarely a fancy restaurant. Cafe is considered a luxury although judging by his place is not impressive luxury. It's also mostly foreign tourists who visit it. Funnily enough a lot of simple food stalls (like warteg here) that is named Cafe.

As in Indonesia, a lot of foods that are sold on the roadside. Neither seller nor hung around providing small plastic chairs for shoppers who want to enjoy the food.

The food we had tasted was Nom, bogor but added a kind of pickled beef is cut into pieces (in Vietnamese men cut with scissors, not with a knife). Then there's the Bun Dau Phu, which is know that fried and eaten with rice noodles and shrimp paste sauce. There is also Xoi Trung form of sticky rice that is eaten with stew egg. And one that perhaps our tongue is less suitable Cot Ba Che, a kind of rice porridge mixed with grated ginger but that tastes sweet, and served hot. Weird hell but fun!


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