Would You Travel? Go to Pattaya, The City of Party

Pattaya is a city in Thailand, located in
Gulf coast of Thailand, southeast of Bangkok in the province of
Chonburi. It is the biggest tourism center
Thailand. The city fell to wallow
crisis, but with the rise of mass tourism
especially from the European tourism business this town again
developed. In 2001 more than 24,000 hotel rooms
available in Pattaya. Although sex tourism is still quite
striking in Pattaya, all inclusive tourism now
arrange the bulk of tourism.

Pattaya Beach, located 147 km from Bangkok. Beaches
overlooking the bay area and the shoreline
length provides a variety of entertainment, water sports and
relax. Very similar to Indonesia, they also
have a lot of traction in the field of tourism.

Pattaya Beach turned out to ordinary, roughly the same
with a beach in Bali (I think). This beach is obout 10 meters from the highway. Along the way many
hotels and places clubbing. The hotels there
very diverse, from five-star hotel until
the price is cheap. For shopping is also not expensive, is still

Various attractions typical of Thailand also presented here. From
elephant attraction, until the attraction is in the clubs
entertainment, bars, discos to cabaret typical of Thailand.

Seru deh really in Pattaya. Well if you want to play place
a deserted beach, just try it to the northern coast,
there can enjoy the charm of its coast. If the beach
the southern part, known as area nightlife.

In the area surrounding pattaya and actually banyal place
tourism, among others, sriracha Tiger Zoo, Elephant Village,
Rose Garden, Garden fruit Supatra Land, etc.. If you
Sriracha Tiger Zoo would like to visit. At 7.30 with
using two shuttle van toyota hiace we
left, about two hours away, arrived at
Sriracha Tiger Zoo. Completion of the Tiger Zoo.

To ride jetski, the tariff is 800 baht per 30 minutes, enter
beaches still free, but if you want to sit in a chair
beaches, subject to charge 30 baht per seat for the time not


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