Tips on choosing health insurance

Today, healthcare costs can be fairly expensive, let alone a fairly decent treatment. treatment only fee that is not worth the relatively cheap, do you want? been ill treated like trash? would not it??
Do not like them!:
Especially for those whose income is not fixed (freelance, or self-employed) so ill can-can deplete savings, also for the employees who still have a variety of mortgage (mortgage, car payments, etc.) extra spending big enough can certainly interfere installment payments, such installments. Consequently you will be chased by debt collectors who looks more horrible than mercenaries

Awareness starts now
At times like this are usually people start to realize the importance of health insurance. Although at times the office provides health insurance (including family), often amounts to the claim is still insufficient medical expenses.

These days though it was a lot of people have started to realize insurance (including health insurance, which usually 'burn' after the time-out), sometimes we can still be wrong to buy insurance as well.

note and follow these tips!
Here are tips carefully before buying insurance that we need to consider:

* Do not be tempted company based in luxurious locations, because it does not guarantee the quality of the company. Learn your company profile to know the company's financial reputation. How much Risk Base Capital (RBC) and which companies are the guarantors of reinsurance.

* Note the reference service reputation through various parties, or visit the company's office directly.

* If the company uses a system of agency, select an agent who can explain the program well.

* Note the exception clause that the insured's illness. Make sure all the treaties agreed upon in writing, not verbal.

* Learn plan (grade) are covered, whatever abiaya borne, the limit per occurrence, and annual limits. Understand the mechanism is also applicable, if you want to 'go up the class' hospitalization.

* Understand when the coverage took effect.

* Make sure you understand all the legal language in the policy. Upon receiving the policy, take time to fully understand the contents before signing.

hopefully useful!


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