Post-traumatic stress disorder

The calamities that befall a person, such as fires, natural disasters, robbery or traffic accident could trigger the emergence of post-traumatic stress disorder. like a nightmare every night and woke up with a sweaty body and a beating heart. many cases like this when someone has experienced the events as I mentioned above, these events need to watch out for, so as not to progress to mental disorders, recognize the symptoms so I can immediately do the treatment.Re-Experienching
He would have re-experience the physical, emotional, and mental trauma that took place

When you view things related premises events that bring the trauma, his memory will be directly fixed on the incident. his heart filled with excessive anxiety

Avodiance Symptoms
Because of the pain that is felt when MAGs event, he will always strive to avoid all things associated with it.

Recognize the symptoms and healing done immediately to the doctor


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