Tips on caring for and beautifying teeth

In addition to routine maintenance done, like brushing your teeth regularly (2 times a day) and check ups every 6 months, also can be achieved with dental care that is cosmetic. The growing sophistication of technology is very important for those of you who want a neat attractive teeth. Here are a variety of ways dental care.Veneer.
Veneer is an ultra-thin layer made of ceramic or composite resin teeth attached to the front. applications is a permanent covering change tooth color, tooth filling that gap, fix broken teeth, tooth shape, and even increase the size of the teeth. adapula temporary applications, where the teeth are coated with a mold that has been made in advance and can be dismantled pairs. Temporary application only applies if you want your teeth whiter teeth color or uniform, where conditions have previously teeth nice and neat. Things that need to be considered in this application is pengerjaanya neatness.
The problem often faced is the visible distance between the veneer with the gum line (causing the formation of a black triangle in which the teeth meet the gums), which is too thick veneer, and veneer colors are not natural.

If your teeth are not as neat as before, this way to try, technology allows the braces come in a variety of views so that the aesthetic values ​​remain. Long use of braces depends on each case. To repair minor tooth take a gap year, if overlapping and irregular teeth may take 2-4 years. For a permanent, not to be made of stainless steel. Transverse wire used is also available in same color as the teeth and rubber retaining transparent color. There are also other applications made from composite or ceramic. Shaped like the try which is used for bleaching, printing according to the desired tooth shape, and can be removed to install (when eating and brushing teeth should be removed). The material is transparent, so it is ideal for those of you who care about appearance.
to remember!
After the installation of permanent braces, do not be lazy wearing a retainer (wire teeth that can be dismantled in line pairs, used to keep the tooth shape to keep it neat wire permanent post-usage). Follow the appropriate time limit recommended by doctors for tooth form is always neat. In addition to conventional models, the retainer is now present in permanent form to be placed in the back teeth.

Shining white teeth is the easiest answer to beautify teeth. not surprisingly, this one kind of treatment more and more demand. Facts. teeth whiteness level is very dependent on genetic factors and lifestyle. For optimal results, and equally should do bleaching at the clinic. The first tooth was cleaned of stains and tartar, then the process of bleaching done. bleaching is done at home can be a tray, strip, and pen. For own use, consider the security of its active ingredient, is effective or not, and durability of these products and always do as instructed. This is to avoid the teeth become sensitive.
Nevertheless, home bleaching can be used as a touch-ups and post-bleaching pearawatn.

Fruits such as lemons and strawberries to help memutuhkan gigisecara natural. But the intake of too often is also not good because it contains acids that are abrasive to the teeth.
Tea, coffee, cigarettes, soft drinks, red wine, blueberries, and soy sauce can cause stains on teeth. Bleaching can be done to fix it. Generally, yellow stains on the teeth are easier to remove than the black or gray stain.


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