Rafting : Adjust the position of sitting on a rubber boat (Chapter 2)

The position of sitting in a rubber boat actually no absolute rule, because it depends on the sense of balance and comfort that is felt by the crew boat. yet known how to sit down for this is twofold: first, to sit like riding horses (cowboy style) where the second leg tube menjeprit circle. while the second way, is like a person riding the motorcycle seat female, with both feet into the boat.For boat crew who choose to sit with the way cowboy style should always be vigilant and immediately pull into the outside of the foot when the boat would crash into the rock. In setting the boat crew attempted to share power equally between the two sides of the boat, and if the number is odd, then there is sitting in the stern of the boat to act as captain and driving, directing the boat when one side or the other is not rowing in unison.


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