Jogjakarta (chapter 1)

As a tourist destination after Bali, Jogjakarta offers many tourist destinations, ranging from cultural tourism, religious tourism, until its natural beauty. if you want to know how the Javanese people, customs and culture, then go to Jogjakarta because there you will find the greatest palace that still survive up till now and still the original building.Kingdom of Jogjakarta many stores the value of history in the 18th century until the beginning of Indonesia's independence. you will not find in any java java how people still loyal to its king, except in Jogjakarta.
In Indonesia there are many scattered small kingdom to survive up until now and jogjakarta is the largest kingdom in the land of Java and in Indonesia. and how the loyalty of the people of Jogjakarta on the king? it need not be asked again, history has been testing them. You know mbah Maridjan? she is the gatekeeper of Merapi volcano. Mbah Maridjanbeen held pledge loyalty to his king until death , the danger of hot clouds that scary does not make it flinch to remain loyal to his king ,until finally he was killed when a cloud of burning his entire body .
ok! thank you still follow my writing, tomorrow will be continued again by writing a variety of cultural artifacts and natural beauty that is still virgin jogjakarta.


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