Insurance education for children

Education is very important, without education you can imagine your life would go back to the stone age, not in the sense that all rock era, but the condition of your life diamana as wilderness. Because of the importance of education for life then you need to plan your child's education as good and as early as possible, start thinking to make education savings for your child now or you can follow the education of insurance offered by some insurance companies.Education savings accounts are generally sold by the bank, with backup by life insurance companies. So we can come to the banks that sell these education savings, and we determine how much our target and how long the target would be achieved. Then the banks will determine how much monthly payment that must be performed with include the interest rate provided during the contract period.

Generally, education savings comes with life insurance or other insurance. So when parents who experienced severe deposit every month, such as dies, then the life insurance will replace him as the depositor. So the target of education fund established by a parent can still be enjoyed by children.

But Education Insurance generally purchased through an insurance company that offered by the agent. The customer will determine how much money after seeing the benefits of insurance coverage that will be paid. And insurance companies determine how much premium to be paid in a lump sum or on a regular basis, can be annual, can be six-monthly, quarterly and even monthly.

Insurance benefits are generally offered a certain percentage of the sum insured and paid when children want to go into primary schools, high schools and higher education. And the benefits will still be paid even if the premium payer's parents as the unfortunate, for example, died.

Both education and insurance savings education both can be used as an alternative to prepare children's education fund. Education savings just to prepare at one point, for example, to enter primary school only, or until high school.

If you want to complete such education insurance, then we have to buy 4 products of this education savings, with funds and the achievement of targets are different. But precisely here lies the flexibility of an education savings. Currently the interest rate from education savings deposits refers to deposits or slightly above it sells, while the interest rate is more conservative education insurance.

There is one option which is recommended to break with insurance benefits and fertilizing the funds. Suppose we buy term life insurance with a sum assured as targeted education funding and achievement of the specified time. Then on a regular basis, you deposit a certain fund to the desired investment, for example, into mutual funds.

We also can choose an investment instrument which has a high return and high risk of course, too. So with this method, you can get the sum assured of high insurance and optimal return on investment. The key is just one discipline.

Our children are our next-generation successor, prepare as early as possible and the best possible education for our children to hope


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