Poor people are prohibited ill

Who says healthy is expensive? of course it is not true, the truth is, Pls you say health is expensive That Is That you really are lazy to exercise .. sorry!. The truth Is That the illness is expensive. of course everyone does not Want uterus to be sick, but with exercise will from making ourselves more healthy and fit. if you are not a rich man, pray you will of always be in a healthy state of health, Because if you are sick, it will of changed from a big issue for you, just imagine how much it costs the hospital Should you responsibility and how many expensive drugs That you need to swallow, especially if your pain associated with nerve or a stroke, surely you will from swallow hard as you drink bottled water. if your government does not Provide health insurance for you then I suggest you think again for the sick, it means do not you get sick before you have the cost for your treatment, is it possible? May your prayers come true if you are close to god, but what if you never pray? then you will from some poor people very hard, like falling down the Stairs already.
if you rich people do not open my writing, cover it with a laugh Because it was not the person I was writing. as poor, you do not changed from lazy people, Because of laziness That will from the make you hard. poor people are prohibited from lazy, maybe it's a warning is Appropriate for those of you Who Are not rich.
My advice it Becomes poor Pls Should you not lazy to work and work to raise money for your future, your savings, the cost of your health. Also cans you assume That the work was like a sport That Also cans be healthy for you. and you need to know success is not from laziness. Should people not be lazy, but someone Becomes successful Pls, May he be to lazy .. hehehehe.


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