Traveling to Angkorwat Temple, so Exited !

One of tourism object in the word is Angkor wat temple, it’s located on land of Angkor. There are many beautiful Building Temple. But
Angkor wat is most famous temple in
Plain of Angkor in Cambodia Region. Angkor Wat was
Built In The Age of King Suryavarman II, Ie In
Mid-12th Century. According to the Development History of Angkor
Wat Here, Time Is Needed For Completing
Development of Angkor Wat temple Eating Less Time Duration 30

In the Age of Governance King Suryavarman II, Namely Age
Where Angkor Wat is built. In Religious Belief
Hindu Cambodia The Growing Current Thinking Mountain
Meru As the World Center And A Place of Choice
As Occupancy Hindu deities. Background This is the
Encouraging King Suryavarman II Central Tower Building
Angkor Wat, The Tower Is High And Also
Is the Main Tower Building Temple In Angkor Wat.

Many Found In Cambodia Yang Folklore
Describing About Mount Meru, Profiles From the Regions
Surrounding the Temple of Angkor Wat which is also Much There
Walls And Canal Trust Those Who Is Within
Representing Ocean And Mountain Touring The World. Form
From the Main Entrance Towards Angkor Wat about
Half Kilometer This Also quid Holder Hand Painted
Which Flanked by Man-Made Sea recognizable
Name Barays. Towards Entrance Through KuilAngkor Wat
A Main Gate are Representing the Rainbow Bridge
Which is believed Connecting With Nature The True Nature

In Travel Historically, With entry of Buddhism
Which grow more rapidly, so the Temple of Angkor Wat This
Then serve as a Buddhist Temple. This case
What Made the Temple of Angkor Wat It Be A Temple
Well maintained With Good, Different With Others At Temples
Plain of Angkor. Plain of Angkor This region, also Ever
Become A Local Areas Colonial Log In
Siam, In The Period 1431 AD

Places In And Around the Mekong River Delta Region Cambodia
Central Now, Ever Being conquered kingdom Region
From mainland Java, under the authority of the Kingdom Of
The island of Java, the possibility is the kingdom of Majapahit.
But In the year 802 AD, Jayavarman II Khmer Prince, The
According to history Born And Raised In The Palace
One of the kingdom in Java In Dynasty Period
Sailendra, Says Region inhabited by
Khmer people, Release Of Power Kingdom Of Area
Must Javanese mainland. Then Jayavarman II Established
A New Kingdom, the given name of the kingdom of Angkor.

Prince Javawarman II Named Later
Devaraja (God the King) By A Brahman priest. In
Year-Year Next, Jayavarman Many Times
Moving the capital city of his Kingdom. First-Tama In
Indrapura (Eastside Kampong Cham), Next Move
Again Go to Wat Phou (Laos Now South End) Dan Yang
Last Best Move Again In Rolous (Near Angkor

In the year 889 AD, Yasovarman I Turned Be King
Khmer, Angkor Start Building The Next Replaced
His name is Being Yasodharapura. Rajayasovarman Ruling
Until the Year 900 AD In the Year 1002, Suryavarman I
Successfully Seize Throne Kingdom And The Age
Reign, the kingdom of Angkor Region Growing Area
Up Into Areas That Now Is Region
Country Thailand and Laos. Later In the Year 1080,
After Angkor conquered by the Kingdom of Champa, Governor
Northern Province of the Most Khmer Lifting Himself In
King, With the title Jayavarman VI, he then
The Khmer Empire ruled New Territory
Starting from the Provincial Government of North Most Khmer. In
Year 1113, One A Jayavarman VI Nephew Appointed
And Being Named King Khmer Kingdom. King Yang
New This Then Choosing To the title of his New
As Suryavarman II. In The Governance Suryavarman
II Here, Angkor Wat was built.


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