Child educations; tips

As parents we want to provide the best education to our children. And it can be done in various ways, among others, chose a good school for our children.

When our children enter into playgroup different from kindergarten, because the main priority is to adapt / socialize with their peers in addition there are other objectives include:
playing & having fun, sharing, feeling the "winning and losing", to train children's creativity, motor skills training ballpark, prepare children for kindergarten at the time of entry is no longer difficult in the mix / adapt to the teachers and friends ..

For electoral considerations kindergarten are:

* Religion, find schools that match with religion because religious instruction must be introduced to children from the time he was in the womb Ortua & also since he already knew / know his religion. Or look for schools that are not based on any particular religion so that children are aware of and know the different religious, racial and children to be polite to others and children are aware of his identity but also flexibly interact with those different from themselves.

* The location, close to home because the child is still small, easy to deliver and pick up. If forced to choose a school far from home, use of school buses can be considered. School bus to train children to become independent and socialize with friends who are in the bus especially if both parents work and no one can take and pick up, but if you use the school bus will be too long in the school bus.

* The curriculum, quality of education, the ability of teachers, and schools do not turn off the creativity of children, where children are not required to follow the will of his master.

* The cost, a cost that is not too expensive and the quality that does not disappoint (what is good quality cheap tp?)

When children enter high school more elementary, junior high, senior high school quality considerations, discipline is preferred, then we think to put our children in private schools in accordance with religious or other considerations. Private schools have more facilities than public schools, and teachers are always guiding, directing can be easily found, high-paying private schools can only be enjoyed at certain levels that ultimately there is no difference. Unlike public school facilities-poor, teachers sometimes are not in place, so students are "forced" to be able to be independent and self-study, and many student diversity. Most and consciously or unconsciously, choosing a school is sometimes the obsession of parents & the love alma mater.

Education of children is not just in school, but at home and in society around us. As a parent just trying to build a strong foundation for them, including mental-spiritual and we must be able to be a good example for our children.

As a parent should not only think about IQ children alone but we try to establish a balance between IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence of someone who is influenced by the environment), because with high EQ child is expected to survive in all of life's problems even though the boy who only has a low IQ, he able to cope with failure and learn to take lessons from these failures. In someone who has a low EQ berIQ while high, or above - average will have a tendency to be difficult to master emotion.

Whatever the business and the expectations of parents in children hrus remember that it is a child's life is not ours


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