Determine direction without a compass (Chapter 1)

In addition to running out of food / logistics and bad management, loss of direction is one of the factors causing the death of someone when you're doing climbing the mountain or take any other adventurer. Compass is very important in this, but what if our compass is lost or damaged? And how do we determine the direction of the wind?. Here are some ways how we determine direction without a compass

Natural Signs
should be noted from the signs of nature are: the large tree trunk will be a little overgrown with moss on the side facing east, this means the opposite side of the tree will be facing west. So how do we determine the direction of north and south? It was easy, when you are facing east (in accordance with the tree a little moss) you mean the left side of the north and to the right side you are south.

Making their owncompass needle
This way is based on the nature of magnetism. If a body rub with a magnetic metal will be a magnet. Sewing needle is most suitable for this. Our sewing needle rub with magnets, for example, to tip scissors, or knife survival, can also with silk. How should the direction of rubbing, not vice versa.
When the needle is magnetic, hanged as freely as possible or placed on a lightweight cork and placed above the water surface. Avoid the influence of wind.


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